Online Training

Access the experience of a seasoned clinician while at home.  Not only are trainings accessible anytime day or night, but you have access to the trainings on a daily basis!   Any brain change requires repetition, so the more you practice.. the greater benefit you will receive!

Personal Reviews


"Very gentle and supportive approach. Skills and knowledge are excellent. Would definitely recommend to anyone!"


"Compassionate, caring and genuine. Rochelle has a heart for helping people"


"I was hesitant at first to get counseling, but after hearing Rochelle at a conference at church I felt that her knowledge base and experience were just what I needed. Using innovative techniques to help get to the heart of the matter, whatever it may be. Very thankful for her."

Calm Mind Method

Effective treatment strategies for reducing stress and anxiety depend on accurately assessing where the distress is coming from.  Gain awareness of where you may be struggling and you are one step closer to a healthier mind and life!


Guilt Free Boundaries


Do you want to enjoy relationships, without the overwhelm of guilt or obligation? Healthy boundaries are essential for your own well-being, as well as relational health



Start the journey of freeing your mind today!

Clinical expertise, combined with a heart for helping... I'm here to partner with you on breaking free from what's been holding you back.

Coaching services and courses available to fit your individual needs.  Our office also provides cutting edge, Neuro-psych genetic testing and food sensitivity consultation for those wanting to truly biohack their way to better brain health!

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